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Viagra: How Does It Work And Where To Buy A Blue Pill

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men of all walks. It can happen at any age, and most people seek help from Viagra. It is a convenient pill available online. But there are other places where you can buy this blue pill.

No one should be embarrassed to seek ED, but that doesn’t make it less uncomfortable when discussing this disorder with friends or family. Even seeking treatment is not easy. Read on where to buy Viagra safely and without being judged.

Viagra and its uses

Viagra is a drug used to treat sexual function issues. It increases blood flow in the male organ and enables it to maintain a solid erection. However, it does not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis. So safe sex is still required, and you can seek more advice from your doctor.

How Viagra Works

Men with erectile dysfunction cannot get an erection or even maintain one. Viagra causes arousal by expanding the arteries leading to sufficient blood flow in the penis. The veins releasing blood from the penis narrow and generate a stable erection.

Viagra also relaxes muscles and enhances blood flow in the penis enabling men to achieve a lasting erection. However, even with viagra, sex arousal is needed for an erection.

How long does the Viagra effect last?

An orally taken Viagra pill is quickly absorbed in the body. The effect of Viagra peaks from 30 minutes to 120 minutes after ingesting the drug. It can last for several hours. But this varies from one person to another. A 100mg pill's effect last for about 4 hours but weakens last time passes and may not give desired results at four hours.

How to take Viagra

The best dose for most users is 50 grams and should be taken before sexual activity. The best thing is that this drug can be taken before or after meals. However, a fat-rich meal can delay the drug's absorption.

Things to avoid

You should never take alcohol when using Viagra as it can cause unpleasant side effects. Also, avoid grapefruit or its juice; it reacts with sildenafil. Besides that, do not combine Viagra with impotence treatment drugs such as yohimbine or alprostadil without talking to your doctor first.

Side effects of Viagra

If you experience problems such as swollen lips, face or throat, hives, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention fast. Also, stop using Viagra and seek treatment if you have:
  • Chest pains
  • Vision problems
  • Pain erection
  • Ringing ears
  • Irregular pulse
  • Swollen ankles, feet, or hands
  • Seizure
  • Dizziness

What other drugs can you combine with Viagra?

You shouldn’t combine Viagra with any other drug to make it more effective. If you are using tadalafi (Cialis),vardenafil (Levitra) or avanafil (Stendra), let your doctor know. It is not safe to combine these drugs with Viagra.

Where to buy Viagra

While Viagra is available over the counter, most men prefer to buy it discreetly. It is available online, but you must answer several questions to ensure it's safe for you. There are accredited online doctors who can assess you via online consultation. To make things easier, visit your general physician and get a prescription.


Check out more information about Viagra

The best way to get the best results from taking generic Viagra is to take it an hour before sex. Your stomach should be relatively empty for it to take effect faster. Viagra can stay effective for up to four hours. Don’t mix Viagra and alcohol; a glass of alcohol might be safe, but drinking a large amount can lessen the drug’s effectiveness. You should also avoid taking it with other medication unless you have the go-ahead from your doctor. Different medications can also cause safety risks if mixed with Viagra. The pill comes in different doses, ranging from 25mg to 100mg. A little experimentation might be necessary to get the one that works for you; start with the smallest dosage and work your way up.

Viagra is an oral medication, meaning it gets absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. The process requires some time, which is why you need to take it an hour before sex. There is nothing you can do that can make it work faster once you swallow the pill. However, taking it under the right conditions can speed its effects up. This includes not eating before taking the pill and avoiding food for at least an hour after taking the medication. Having little to no food in the stomach lessens the digestive system’s workload, speeding up the absorption of sildenafil, the active compound in Viagra.

Viagra and Cialis are part of a class of medicines called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. Viagra is a brand name that represents sildenafil, while Cialis is tadalafil’s brand name. However, Cialis takes the lead in effectiveness. It lasts longer than Viagra and Levitra, lasting 36 hours compared to the 4-5 hours of the other medicines. Cialis also works faster, taking effect between 16-45 minutes after it is taken. It is unaffected by food, so you don’t have to starve before using it.

Levitra belongs to the same family of medicines as Viagra and Cialis. It is the brand name for Vardenafil and lasts for around 4-6 hours, similar to Viagra. The main difference between the two is that Levitra is less affected by food and alcohol than its counterpart and can be taken with meals. There is also evidence that Levitra is more effective for people with diabetes than other medicines for erectile dysfunction.

The effects of Viagra end after three or four hours. However, there might still be trace amounts of sildenafil in your bloodstream; it takes about two days to disappear. During that time, you may not be able to use other medication as it risks interacting with the sildenafil. It is important to notify your healthcare provider of any medication you are on to get proper advice on how and when to take it.

Although the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve women using Viagra, it is sometimes prescribed off-label to them without FDA’s approval. Viagra works the same in women as it does in men, although the effects don’t last as long in women. In women, Viagra increases blood flow to the labia and the clitoris. The increased blood flow increases sensation and lubrication in the area, assisting some women in sexual arousal and orgasm. It is mainly used by women with vaginal dryness or after menopause.

People with controlled high blood pressure can take Viagra. Sildenafil (Viagra) works by relaxing the penis’ smooth muscles and redirecting blood flow to the region, causing the blood vessels to dilate. This process is called vasodilation, and it lowers blood pressure.

However, you have to be cautious if:

  • You take high blood pressure medication that also causes vasodilation. Combining the two can cause blood pressure to drop too low, which can make you dizzy or pass out.
  • You take prostate medication or an alpha-blocker with Viagra. Your doctor might need to lower the alpha-blocker dosage or Viagra’s dosage.
  • You use nitrate drugs; these can also cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

A single Viagra dose can lower systolic blood pressure by 8mmHg and diastolic pressure by 5mmHg, which can be very dangerous.

Viagra and alcohol go together in moderation. Those taking more than 15 alcoholic drinks a week and using Viagra put themselves at risk of side effects. This is especially true for those who take Viagra to boost their sexual performance instead of for medical purposes. The types of alcohol you take can also determine the side effects you experience. One study done on men who drink red wine showed that they did not experience side effects or other interactions while on the pill.